İEÜ Mezunlar Derneği 3. Kumru Günü 2013


Izmir University of Economics alumni came together at the 3rd Traditional Kumru Day and commemorated with their friends, academic and administrative personnel. The guests enjoyed eating kumrus, one of Izmir’s many symbols, and chatting under the trees at Balçova Campus. Grup Turuncu, led by Alaskar Abbasov, IUE Music Consultant, gave a concert.   

Cengiz Ülken, Chairman of the IUE Alumni Association, stated in his speech that their main purpose was to gather together under one roof and feel the sense of belonging to Izmir University of Economics, and acted as one. Chairman Ülken, also stressed the importance of Izmir University of Economics ranking in 5th place in terms of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture” on the list by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, where they announced the most innovative and entrepreneur 50 universities in Turkey. He said, “Where we go, we take our diplomas along with us. If we move forward with this in mind, be aware of our values, claim our diplomas, and stay connected as alumni, we will make many more rankings.”

Chairman Ülken stated that they welcomed Hüseyin Özer during 2012-2013 Academic Year, founder of Sofra and Ozer Restaurants, who is considered as entrepreneurship mastermind worldwide. Ülken continued to say:

“Hüseyin Özer accepted two interns from especially our university because he admired our foundation, students, and graduates. We will definitely continue with our studies. I believe that we managed to establish a sense of trust and support among our alumni. An IUE alumni employer helps out the ones seeking employment. Everyone is helping each other out. Since we attended University in this beautiful city Izmir, Izmir wins, our country wins, and we win!”